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SUEZRAIN A journey since 1998, itself is a sincere commitment to provide undoubtedly the best quality material, managed with the professional experience and many years of excellent reputation in the industry. SUEZRAIN is one of the Leading Indian National Brand which gives the preference for Make in India products.

SUEZRAIN Hydro Protein Granule

SUEZRAIN initiated the service to mankind with one of its pharmaceutical manufacturing unit Marine Laboratories Limited and fulfills a continuous huge demand by its Xena Products.

SUEZRAIN Stainless steel kitchen sinks

With certain diversifications in the service industry SUEZRAIN has entered into the market of quality stainless steel kitchen sinks with an envisioned opportunity to deliver varied range of models & sizes in its portfolio of kitchen sinks.


A part from Pharmaceutical & Brass-n-Steel products SUEZRAIN has taken an initiative to serve with a variety of packed Quality Dry Tea Leave Beverage from Darjeeling which includes Suezrain Perfect Tea, Suezrain Pink Tea & Suezrain Kahwa Green with a diverse preference of its consumer’s choice and initiate to offer flavored tea beverage in future.


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